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Reverse the decision to revoke permit for a church

Responding to the revocation by the local government of a building permit (IMB) for the GBI MyHome Church in Tanjungpinang, Riau, Amnesty International Indonesia’s Executive Director Usman Hamid said: 

“This is a clear case of persecution and discrimination against a religious minority. The authorities in Tanjungpinang have failed to provide any legal justification for denying this permit, and blatantly disregarded the constitution and their obligations to respect  the right to freedom of religion and ensure equal enjoyment of human rights.

“The revocation must be annulled. Likewise, the Joint Ministerial Decree that regulates the establishment of the place of worship should be repealed”.


In 02 January 2020 the local government of Tanjungpinang announced the revocation of an IMB for the GBI MyHome church, on the ground of an ‘administrative breach’ despite the building being in construction since 2018, to the knowledge of authorities and in consultation with local communities.