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Drop “hateful” criteria from civil service recruitment

Responding to news that Indonesia’s latest civil service recruitment contains several discriminatory criteria, Usman Hamid, Executive Director of Amnesty International Indonesia, said:

“This is an appalling move. Indonesia should be trying to recruit the best and brightest to its civil service, not applying arbitrary and hateful restrictions.

“The discriminatory criteria should be withdrawn immediately. It’s against Indonesia’s constitution, and against Indonesia’s obligations under international human rights law.”


The Indonesian civil service has begun its annual recruitment process. The application page ( the Attorney-General’s office states that candidates must ‘not have sexual orientation disorders’ and ‘behavioural deviations’.

On Thursday 21 November, a government spokesperson said that candidates should be ‘normal, non-deviate’ people. Other criteria included that candidates should not be physically or mentally disabled, and that their Body Mass Index (BMI) should range between 18-25. The Trade Ministry recruitment process has also stated that applicants ‘must not exhibit sexual orientation deviations’ or ‘behavioural deviations’, although this criteria was later removed. Meanwhile, the Defence Ministry has barred pregnant women from applying.

The Indonesian Ombudsman has condemned those discriminatory policy and urged the ministries to remove them.